Very cool ryan, i like covers that aren't straight up identical (or trying to be) seems redundant to me personally. This was a little different, really enjoyed it.
ontario love! cool cover, good song. the part that i thought sounded best was the choruses, i noticed, in the verses especially that the vocals sounded like they were pushing much too hard, to the point where you sort of lost control a little too much. the rest of the song though, the vocals were for the most part great! the guitar is spot on, good tone, at the perfect level in the mix, solid playing. i like how the bass tone isn't identical to the original (and the drums as well) and you sound as though you've put a sort of modern-rock twist on it, and it sounds like a very natural style. good cover!

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thanks for the detailed critique! yes i tried to give it a more modern production. And I agree that if your going to do a cover u should try to make it your own a little bit. The best covers are the one that did this imo.