So after about 10 years of having my Mexican strat, I decided to throw some money at it as some of the parts were looking a bit worse for wear! I made the following upgrades!

Black scratchplate loaded with axesrus "class act" single coils. secured with new gold screws.
Gold Wilkinson trem with stainless steel saddles
Gold axesrus brand locking machine heads
Gold Schaller strap locks
Gold Jack plate fitted with a neutrik jack.

The new pickups are great, much smoother and glassy than the stock ones. As for the Wilkinson trem, it's probably the most stable non-locking tremolo I've ever used and with the locking tuners, the tuning stays solid as a rock!

I forgot to take a before shot, but here's an older photo so you can see what it used to look like

and after!

I like all the gold! looks classy!

Where's Waldo?