If I get a push pull pot can I make my buckers split? Or would I have to a have a specifically for that?
Depends on what the pickups are in your guitar, they have to have a specific wiring for it to work.
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Open up the wiring cover on the back and trace the thick insulated wires coming from your pickups... If you see 1 wire coming out of a ground sleeve (the sleeve of the wire is actually the ground wire), or two wires coming from one thick insulated sheath... then they are standard and cannot be split...

If you see 4 or 5 wires coming out of one thick insulated sheath, then you can most likely split them with a push/pull pot. Some pickups are only designed for switching from parallel to series wiring, and those will have 4 or 5 wires as well, but still cannot be wired for split coil functionality.
I have 2 pair of Ibanez pups that have 3 wires. Red ,white and ground. These are also coil tap able.
Nowyou cant choose what coil it is like a 4/5 wire pup.

And since you are on his subject, I have many coil tapped equipped guitars and I just wired up one series/parallel and I like that much better. I almost want to change all mine to that.
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