hey peeps,
I got a Blackheart Little Giant few months ago.
it's a really loud 5watt tube amp .
I opened it and saw that there's a stock jj 12ax7 in the preamp and a jj el84 in the power.
I like the sounds coming off this amp but I would like to reduce the attack a little . now,In order to get a nice mellow tone I have to roll back the bass, treble and middles.
I use an LP guitar.
could you plz tell me what tubes should I get?

thank you
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hmm. i am thinking mullard preamp? or perhaps a 5751?

not sure about the power tube
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Look at a JJecc803 or a 5751 for the pre amp.
JJ is about the best el84 you can get, but you can try a new Mullard el84
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You can try the new JJ el844 if you want to reduce volume and headroom.

Otherwise a JJ ecc803 in the pre-amp will provide a tad less gain, but be smoother and deeper, as per Cath
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JJs are already pretty mellow- if by "mellow" you mean "warm".

I guess you could try a 5751 as robbgnarly said if you want to lower the gain a little. that might make it a bit more mellow.
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