Hey guys, so I just bought an Ibanez RG1527. It's used but it is in perfect condition - no dents, scratches, just a little bit of rust on the bridge, the neck looks as if it hasn't been played at all. However, even though equipped with an Edge Pro (people do have mixed opinions on it, but I've heard from many guys about their Edge Pros never going out of tune), the tuning stability isn't there. I've been trying everything, thinking it was the floyd that was the problem until I finally figured out today, that it's actually a string slipping through the locking nut - the D string in particular. I was wondering what are my chances? Is there any way to fix this or do I need to replace the nut with a new one? I'd prefer answers from 7 string users as 7 string nuts are different in the middle, having two bolts for one piece.
get some new pieces for the nut. They are like $3 a www.stewmac.com

Or get a new nut and everything at www.guitarfetish.com
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