Hey Guys,
I have recently had a speaker die in my marshall 1960a cab, and thought that this might be a great opportunity to swap out speakers!

I should start with saying that I run a 50watt marshall vintage modern as a head, I don't completly dime the amp as far as distortion goes-think 90's alternative, classic rock type tones (lots of lead work).

I'm not married to any speakers in particualar, but I was thinking that I might want to take a rip at greenbacks.

I was wondering if anyone had any experence with them-and if they could give me thier two cents i would appreciate it. From what I understand that they break up earlier giving it a 'vintage' tone (which is something that I'd be interested in).

Sorry if anyof this seems rambleing-I'm kind of hungover...and at work...
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I've never come accross splawn before, I will take a look thanks.

and I can't believe I've been a member here for 10 years (almost).
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swapping 4 speakers will get expensive mighty quickly- if you're meaning to swap out all 4 it'd probably just be cheaper to get another cab which already has the speakers you want loaded into it.

if you're considering swapping two speakers, v30s sound pretty good with the g12t75s which are in the 1960.
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