I own a Fender 60's reissue telecaster and a Fender JA90 Telecaster, the 60's reissue has single coil pickups which sound absolutely amazing through my ac30 and with my rat, however the neck pickup has become microphonic and squeals like a bitch with the tiniest amount of gain even with my noise clamp on, is there anything I can do about this or do I need to take it to a tech.

The JA90 however when I plug it in has far too much low end and sounds muddy and too tight, I think this may be due to the p90's being darker pickups, is there anything I can do to remedy this. Also how much difference does string gauge make to the tone as I currently have much thicker strings on the JA90 than the 60's reissue so could this be what's making it to bassy?
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Is the pickup at the right height? I had the same problem and lowering the pickup helped immensely. Still fiddling with it to find the perfect height.

Mine were humbuckers in a strat style guitar.
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Raise the height, lower the height, if it has a pickup cover, try removing it. Shit, try even tilting the pickup (given it doesn't shake or damage the screws). Really to me it sounds just like it's the pup and there's not -much- you can do.

I've never been a huge fan of p90s, though they can sound quite nice.
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Can you suggest a replacement pickup that will fit in the same size slot, the current one is a seymour duncan soapbar