Hi all,

I recently purchased a new Joyo JT-305 Tuner Pedal, at first it worked perfectly however after a few uses it stopped.

I sent it and got a replacement but the same thing has happened again.

When I plug in the power supply and input jack, all the lights come on but the pedal will not function. It just stays in the state of lights.

Anyone have any advice on how to repair it or know the actual problem?? The pedal is a copy of the Korg Pitchblack so if anyone knows anything about either pedals, it will be of good use.

Many thanks in advance!
Do you have a battery in it? If you do you should take it out if you're using an adapter, I've already read somewhere people had similar problems and that seems to be the solution.
I am using the power supply without the battery, however is still faulty when I use the battery alone too.
Should have got a Pitchblack, I mean comparing the prices of each pedal, they are practically the same cost! (Joyo pedals sell new for £29, I brought a pitchblack off ebay recently for £33 including postage, which I admit was fairly cheap, however the fact stands that they sell new for £50.
Hope the pedal starts to work though! If not, maybe see if you can trade it with them for a different pedal, for instance an OD or Eq if you might have need of one
I have past the warranty now, so if I can't fix it myself, I may just have to purchase a new one. Will defiantly go with the Pitchblack, or maybe a TU-2/3.

Fixing this would just save the cash/bother of ordering another. :P