Hi guys!

I was hoping you could help me. I've been thinking about replacing my standard Epiphone Humbuckers (Alnico Classic) with a pair of thick-sounding P-90's.

I've looked into it and there's two possibilities:
Replacing them with compatible P-90's that fit into the body or replacing them with classic P-90's that would require some woodwork in order to fit. I have no problem with the latter.

Which P-90's do you recommend? Model, brand, anything is appreciated.

As long as you're replacing pickups anyway, could you just coil tap a set of good humbuckers? A coil tapped humbucker sounds like a single coil. This way you get the best of both worlds. Use a microswitch if the SG's body is too thin for push pull pots.
This might save you a world of woodwork. The neck on the SG is set down low to the body plane. The P 90 would have to be recessed lower than it's surface mounting allows and is wider than the humbucker is.
Good luck
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Use a humbucker sized P90. Coil split humbuckers will not sound the same. Generally the single coil sounds are weaker and not very authentic, but useable. Various pickup makers make humbucker sized P90s to different specs, something described as modern sounding will probably get you the sound you want.
Then again, SG's sound inherently thick. If it was me (I have the same guitar and I have thought about it), I'd go for a vintage style in the neck and something slightly more powerful in the bridge.
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But replacing the stock epi pickups is the best thing you can do- they're the same as found in the les pauls, and I think they're voiced better for the les paul, sounding too muddy in an SG. I eventually went for seymour duncan buckers, because my jazzmaster has P90 types. If the SG were my only guitar, it would have P90s.
Dude, where's my band?