Can't decide between these 3 Amps!

1) Fender 25R Frontman Series II

2) Marshal MG30CFX

3) Peavey Vypyr VIP 2

Play Metal/Hard Rock/Classic Rock
Quote by dschaney1989
So does the Vypyr 40 sound bad as well?

The vypyr 2 VIP is a new do all amp, if you play electric/acoustic/bass then it would be a good choice, but if you play only electric guitar, get a used vypyr tube, they are much better sounding amps and have a lot of different tones.
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Why the bump? The advice already given has been very sound. Vypyr tube is the way to go for your budge. Everyone is in agreement. Try not to bump your own thread only after a couple of hours.
Vypyr tube 60 is the way to go. Check out GC, they have them on there all the time. Best of luck.
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Definitely neither of the first two.

The Vpyr VIP amps are brand new - I wouldn't be surprised if no one here has had experience with them yet.

The regular Vypyr 30 is a good option though, if you're adamant about going new.
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