I'm learning to sing, and planning on taking a full (real life) singing class in my music academy.

Recently I played live at my school.
it's easy to listen to yourself and say "this part is flat, this isn't" but I find it very hard to listen to your vocal tone, and listen if it's a nice voice you have, or not...
So because I can't judge myself on my tone I was hoping you could? Would really appreciate if you would just be honest about the way my voice sounds, its tone...


Thanks in advance
The recording quality was not all that good, which made it a little difficult to hear your vocals. For the most part, it seemed like you were on pitch, but it also sounded like there were occasions where you may've gone out. Also, I didn't detect a lot of enthusiasm or energy in your voice. When Darius sings that song, you can hear the excitement and energy in his voice.

I know you didn't ask about the rest of the band, but the guitar solo was weak. I felt that it was flat - not in tone, but in vibe. Anyone else?