Hi folks

Im looking for some decent tab websites that have some tabs for some lesser known bands.Does anyone have any ideas?I was looking for tabs for these bands.

The Wildhearts
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Am i in the wrong forum as i dont post often or is it frown upon because it involves rival sites?
Ok, serious answer time: look guy, UG really is the best for lesser known bands. Before I heard about UG, I couldn't find any unpopular tabs I was looking for, and the ones I did find were fairly inaccurate. Part of why I became such a big tabber myself. If you google any song +tabs, almost every time UG will be first.

Granted, I have found tabs UG didn't have googling it, but it was only one, and I can't remember the site. But I remember it was inaccurate anyways.

The truth is, tabbing isn't a big hobby for a lot of people. But by now, a huge majority that do post theirs here because UG is already pretty widely known and because its easier to tell how accurate it is thanks to the rating system.

If it's not here, there's not much you can do except make a request and hope for the best.

And yes, it's probably not the best idea to ask for other tabbing sites.
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Thanks for a honest answer.I knew it was very stupid to ask on here for other tabs sites I guess I was just frustrated about not being able to find tabs for songs I cant find.I I could buy the tab book I would if they were available as I quite enjoy buying them.at least theyre more or less 100 per cent correct.