Hey UG, I'm fixing up a Les Paul style guitar I made five years ago and I want to replace the neck. Although I made the body myself, my old neck was from an Epiphone Les Paul Special II. How would I find a new neck that will work in my guitar? What will I have to watch out for?

Here are the specs of my current neck:

Neck Shape 1960s SlimTaper™ “D” Profile (I don't mind at all if this changes)
Neck Joint Bolt-on
Scale length 24.75” (this should stay the same, no?)
Fingerboard Radius 12” (how much does this matter?)
Nut Width 1.68” (how much does this matter?)

I'm guessing that I can't put a 25.5" scale neck in because it would mess up the intonation (and I really don't want to put new holes in my guitar for the bridge hardware).

I can't seem to find a website that has a 24.75" scale necks. The ones i've seen (warmoth, gutiarfetish) only seem to carry strat and tele style necks. What will work and what won't? And where can I get something that can ship outside the US? I'm doing this in Hungary.

Help me out please!
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The scale can change, but the 12th fret has to be the right distance from the bridge to intonate properly. Also, the heel has to be the same dimensions. Since the neck in question isn't swappable with a strat or tele, you either have to get another Special II, get a luthier to build you a neck, or learn to build one yourself.
Take a look at www.guitarfetish.com they have some Gibson style 24.75" scale in the neckand body section.
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