Hi guys and gals!

I'm just looking for some feedback on an original song I wrote the other day.


And 2 new songs too...



I only started writing 2 weeks ago, so please bear with me on this... but I am looking for some feedback.

I hope you guys like

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I like the simple life lyric and the simple chord progression adds a lot to the atmosphere of the song. However your introduction is a little on the weak side. It gets better as you listen to it so, in general, good job!
Well you could hum along a simple tune maybe the chorus along with the introduction and it would make it seem a little less sterile and a little more like 'i'm relaxin on the beach' since thats the kind of vibe i get from the music
Awesome, thanks for the compliments!

The tab was uploaded to UG on Thursday, but hasn't shown up yet.

The chords are C Am F G through the verses

The chorus is F G C Am

End is F G C Am D7 G G7

Final C E Am D7 then back and forth on the F and G for the last words.

If you cover it, post it as a video reply to my song please, l'd love to hear it!!!
Wrong forum. I let this slide at first because I thought it was going away - that you weren't going to bump it. However you did so Im going to close and suggest you put your recordings in the recording forum.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.