UG, I have a early 2000's LTD M-302 in trans black. I don't play it a lot right now and have been thinking of attempting to refinish it and change the color. I would like to strip it and stain the existing veneer anything other than black. I own 5 black guitars I want something different. Has anyone done this successfully? I did find a few pictures of one that someone has sanded and removed the veneer but I'd like to save it if possible. Any chance of this happening and would I be able to sand back the black stain enough to stain it another color? I guess I could always get a new veneer if I had to. Which bring me to my last question, if I am forced to get a new veneer, does anyone have a good source for these? I'm in the US. Thanks!
Well guess nobody has done this. I am probably going to just go for it and see what happens. Worst case scenario I replace the veneer. Will post a thread when this happens.
The experience is worth it to me, plus I love the guitar and will never sell it. The M-302 is the best LTD I have ever played. The neck is really close to the Ibanex Wizard necks, I have never seen an LTD with a neck like this. I have a Viper with the Thin U and it's fat compared to this one. Since I got my prestige I don't play it much though, so I figured I'd make a project of it.
You could always find a similar veneer and switch them if you do go end up going through it.
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Yeah I plan on getting a new veneer anyway, just in case.
you will end up sanding through the veneer before you get rid of the stain, so you probably will need a new one
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So here is another question, how would I go about staining a new veneer? Will there be enough wood to stain black and sand back and then color. Or should I just stain it a color and be done with it?