Hey guys so I just finished some original work in a studio and plan on making it available to people at shows so people can buy it. It's a compilation between my band and two others from around my area which is around essex county in New Jersey. Does anyone know a place where I can do record pressings for a cheap affordable price. It's a 6 song comp so I'm looking to do a 10' inch press. Ill also upload the tracks when they are sent to me. Thanks in advance!!
You'll want a record distributor, and you're in luck. I got six results by typing "record distribution in essex county NJ" into Google Maps. At least one of them should fit your needs.
You don't want a distributor, that's for putting the product into stores. You need duplication/replication services. Vinyl will not be cheap, so know that going into it. You should check locally first, but you'll probably get the best prices online.
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