Is it my guitar or amp?
Hello i have a problem with my guitar or amp i don't know which one. I have a Affinity Series Strat Electric Guitar and a Fender Frontman 15G Amp. The problem is when i put on drive select i don't get any of the tremble, middle or bass sounds. The sound would just sound like when it's in Normal and all i hear is little buzzing static sounds coming out when I'm not playing. The settings i usually use is 10 tremble 5 middle 5 bass.When i first got the guitar the drive select work now it been like 1 year and im not getting any distortion. Now when i play the guitar its just like playing regular sounds with no distortion. Could it be the guitar or the amp? Can someone tell me how i can fix this? Thank You All
You are running single coil pickups in the Affinity. These pickups cause the "buzz". Pretty much all single coils produce this somewhat. The drive problem sounds like an amp problem, I suggest replacing it instead of getting it fixed since it wont be worth it. You can buy a cheap preloaded strat pickguard with some humbuckers and install that to solve that problem.
OKay Thanks do you know any good, decent price amp that i should get price range like no higher then $100. I'm still like a beginner since i play the guitar once a while. But now I'm going to play it more so yah. Thanks you once again.
No problem, you can get more for your money if you buy a used amp. You can get a Peavey Vypyr 30 watt for around 100 bucks. These are good amps and they will give you a variety of sounds, you will like it much better than your fender. You can also get a 15 watt one for cheaper, which is still a good amp. Try looking at your local Craigslist or Guitar Center's used section online to find one.