The first thing I'd like to say is nothing to do with the composition. The first part of the score (up until the end of the first chorus) is an absolute mess, there are tied notes everywhere that just are not needed, it needs a good clean up. I always say that to take pride in one's song, one must first take pride in its score. In regards to the composition, however, it's quite solid, I'd like to hear this recorded properly. One thing I have to compliment is that you did a tempo change without sounding amateur, to me, in metalcore, a tempo change is the mark of an amateur, because it just sounds like "Oh, look, it's a riff that doesn't quite work that we didn't want to throw away", but you made it work, as it wasn't used for that fake prog sound that so many metalcore bands are after. All in all, you did well, good job!
Pretty solid song. It's not going to reinvent the wheel or anything, but I could listen to this.

My only slight gripe is that the pedal riff groove sounds a little weird to me, and I find that, apart from the chordal modulation of that riff, it doesn't change enough. I'd like a little more variation in it.
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It's metalcore, so that pretty much sums up anything to say about the riffing and melodies. Drums are pretty damn great, especially for metalcore. Not the typical Put Duh Duh Duh Put Duh stuff.

It's a solid song. I'm not advocate for metalcore but you guys are doing a good job.
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