I guess I'll be the first to review this......and I can understand why. Reviewing something like this is intimidating as F*** It reminds me that I have a looooooooooong way to go with some of my "Thrash" songs, haha.

I'll start with cons, since they're few: With how much bass that you have in the overall mix, I'd advise making the guitars cut a little more with some more mids, and to maybe tighten the bass on the double kick. There, that was quick.

The solos, leads, choice or guitar and drum rhythms are all fantastic. EXTREMELY Thrash oriented. I really liked how the song was arranged and just flowed together. I can honestly say that I wasn't bored for a single second, nor did any of the riffs get stale. This is something I almost never run into with thrash songs, and not just on UG, I mean ALL types of thrash: amateur, or pro. I really look forward to more of your new stuff and will remember your name for when I see new stuff at the top of the O.R. forum.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1602314
If you're only interested in reviewing something like yours, I'd suggest Raid, but the mixing is less than stellar on it. If you're not biased, than either of the top two songs please
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Awesome, very high quality song!
Writing, playing, and vocals were really good.
The song reminds me slayer alot. Although some parts sounds like some kind of Megadeth, And the lead was true Iron Maiden. Oh and the last solo reminded me of Firewind.
The only thing that bugs me is the mix.
Everything sounds very far, there is no punch in the sound or feel/vibe.
Also, the drums are very narrow, right in the center, try panning them widely.
In short, epic, high level song.

Please Check out my demo:
Me intimidating? Naaaah. hahaha Thanks for having the balls man lol. We all have a long way to go man. There is no destination when it comes to music. Just keep going forward dude. I have plenty of ways to go in my own way as well lol.

Yea definitely with you on the bass. The headphones I had when I made this song, lack bass for whatever reason. But I have new ones now, and the bass, is, immense lol. Just made me go "what the hell happened?!" And my speakers are blown so I couldn't compare the two. Yea, the tones I've been using seem to sit back a ways in these headphones opposed to the others, it has to do with the guitar tone, so on more current songs hopefully that will improve. Hm, maybe too much echo on the kick then. I appreciate the pointers very much man.

Thrash is one of if not my favorite genre but I too get bored with it pretty quickly if just listening to it. Works excellent for working out though hahaha. Glad I kept it interesting, and thank you for checking it out.

I play a little bit of everything, so I check them out no problem.
Thanks Thorium, glad you like it man.
Yep, just gotta work on mixing and mastering and I'll be set! hahaha
Hm, I like all those bands so I guess they kinda crept in there lol.
Yea, I think it has something to do with my guitar tones as well as the mix. They don't sound "right in your ear" as opposed to some I've heard. I gotta work on that.
I'll try to widen the drums and see it they make em sound a bit more full.
Thanks for checking it out and the feedback.
And I'll check out your demo.