I've always been introduced
as the young boy with the old soul.
30 somethings nod at me
because they know what that means

5 year old girls always
took a shine to my cow's lick.
I'd tell my mum because I was scared

I used to be a tiger

I've known I'm a coward
since I heard it.
I cried at Pokemon Blue
**** Abra.

I've only known my brother
for half his life. He kicked
my ass at baseball last month
but I'm better at Madden

Nobody calls me Carson Palmer

My wife won't marry me
I ask her "what about the kids?"
she said she was 15.
It's been god knows how long since
we woke up together

My thoughts have
irrepairable digital clipping.
I can't dance because my
feet aren't quantized

I used to be a tiger
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Any background to these lyrics? They seem a little bit disjointed, I mean like words running into each other on your tongue when they should flow. An actual recording would be good if you've got one