So i recently got myself this little Pocket POD pedal, its the perfect practice tool for use with headphones, so recently, i decided to record a few things too see how this little pedal sounded.
Now i have never recorded before, so dont expect anything mindblowing, i used audacity and recorded everything myself, i was having trouble with the recording volumes for each of the tracks, anyone know of any other free softwares for recording??????

Now for some little samples(Sound Cloud):

the first one was recorded with a AC30 Top Boost amp model, i really like how it sounds with headphones (30 second clip): http://snd.sc/ZoRtqM

the second clip consists of an acoustic guitar test with the POD (1.26 min clip): http://snd.sc/11c83qU

recording this clip helped me realize i needed to learn about individual track volumes on audacity (1.19 min): http://snd.sc/11HYvUJ

with what i learned from the previous clip i decided to make this little track, i think i did much better this time with the volumes (44 seconds): http://snd.sc/10wErIe

this one is just me playing a solo over a song i like, the volume from the POD came out really really good in comparison to the track i think, my playing does not overshadow the mp3 track (1.19 min): http://snd.sc/10kREDN

recording with audacity was ok i guess, any other free softwares that are available????

sorry for my bad english
saludos!! (:
I'd check out REAPER. It's a fully functioning DAW, trial period of 60 days but the cost is only 60USD once that runs out. Easily the best value program on the market. Audacity has it's uses, but being an effective musical recording tool isn't really one of them.

As for the POD... well I've always said Line6 stuff is great live but lacks when it comes to studio use. But if you like it, you like it.
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