Hey y'all. I've been playing guitar for about four or five years. Don't have a band or anything, but my friends and I like to regularly get together and just jam out for a few hours. I've been using a not-too-great Park 1x8 amp (I think a G10?). It has finally died on me, and I have saved up a good amount of discretionary money.

Budget: Originally, I was thinking a max of 200 for a nice but used 1x12 from craigslist. now I might expand that to 300-400 and look for a 2x12.

Genres: A lot of classic rock- A lotta' Floyd, a lotta' Grateful Dead, and of course also Queen, Zeppelin, etc. More recent artists include artists like Jack White, and the less complex stuff like Edward Sharpe as well as the Shins.

New or Used: I wouldn't mind used at all, but if ya'll know of a nicely priced amp, by all means, I am interested.

Home or Gig: I guess we'd call it gig? The drummer I play with likes it loud. My roommate and I as well really want to start a band (we're in college, what else is there to do?)

City: Switching pretty regularly between LA and San Francisco.
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Current Gear: An Epiphone limited edition special II with zebra pickups -- not the greatest guitar I know. It's next in line for replacement.
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don't concern yourself with the speaker config. more money doesn't need to equal more speakers, a 1x12 will be fine. for your budget you could probably snag a used Peavey classic 30 or a used fender blues junior or maybe a hot rod if you look around long enough. a vox ac15 wouldn't be a bad choice either.
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well