I am a lefty who has been playing guitar right-handed for over 60 years (I'm 73). When it comes to fast alternate picking, I'm pretty limited. However styles like sweep picking and modifications like that help a lot. As a result, I've shaped my style (jazz) to take advantage of a very fast left hand, doing pretty involved chord things and fast two-part harmonies. The problem with most players (me too for many years) is that we all let others dictate what an 'accomplished' player can do, so we sit around and mourn when we don't have the same physical attributes. All the virtuosos are doing is taking advantage of gifts they have. There is nothing to keep you from doing the same. I can't play like I'm getting paid by the note, but I can do some very soul-satisfying things. When a player tears around his instrument very fast, its very impressive, but you can't follow what he's doing, and its really about showing off more than music. Listen to Miles. You can sing along. In fact, listen to John Coltrane's solo on Eighty One (the original albumn version) The last part of of it nearly brought me to tears (of joy). To me, music is about communicating emotion, and I don't say that because I'm not a fast player. My brain AND heart are in my left hand when I pick up a guitar. I feel like I'm singing through the instrument.
What you say is very true.

Just rock what ya' got mang!
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