I have a Samick guitar I bought aaages ago for about £150. Its a strat style, with a floyd rose, 24 frets, humbucker on the bridge and single coil on neck and in the middle.

My question is, would replacing the pickups make it any better or I am best just getting a second hand Fender strat?
If replacing the pickups would make it better, which ones and how much roughly? Obviously not wanting to spend loads as it'd just be worth getting a Fender Strat, but I probably won't be replacing all the pickups at the same time either.

This isn't my main guitar by the way. I use a PRS SE, but I'm wanting something a bit more stratty with a trem as a second guitar.


Have a look at Iron Gear, available from axetec.co.uk. I've had a few pickups from them now - the latest being the Steam Hammer/Pig Iron HSS set in my partscaster - and they've all been great.
If you like your Samick then a new set of those isn't going to break the bank, but if you're secretly actually hankering for a "new" Fender Strat save up and get one of those.