Hi guys,

Wanted to know if any of you knew of any common issues that might explain the problem I've had with my dual terror.

Loaded into a gig a couple of weeks ago, amp was fine in sound check, turned it on standby and went to grab a drink. Came back 20 minutes later and the amp ring out for my first chord but then hasn't worked since. The light is still on, there was no popping or hissing sounds, there's just silence on both channels. Valves still light up.

Some amp history . . .

I've had the amp for about 2 years, used infrequently (twice a month? Once a month average maybe) most of those times are for gigs where the amp is driven fairly hard.

I use with the correct ohmage cab

I always use the correct head/ speaker wire.

I always turn the amp on and leave to warm up before switching out of standby mode.

My 'local' amp tech lives in an area which is difficult to get to, so if there is a potentially simple issue at work here then Id appreciate some help so I could save mysel the trip. If it sounds complicated though ill just take the plunge.
First thing I would do is take all the tubes out, pre & power, and push them back in.
Last time mine randomly cut it was due to a preamp tube being loose.

Have you tried plugging it into another cab?
There is no need to leave it for 20 minutes in stand-by.

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