MY epiphone futura is currently running on EMG's and I have done the 18v mod to it, it was fine for ages and ages, but suddenly i am completely unable to get a clean note out of it through an amp. it started out as a slight gritty sound at the very start of a picked note. I picked it up yesterday and it is coming out sounding just overdriven, It sounds like I am cranking the amp for AC/DC style over drive, (which i am not.)

Any ideas on what could be causing this and how i could rectify, is it just something like there is a cable going to ground somewhere?

Would really like to sort this as it's making the guitar unplayable for me.

When was the last time you changed the batteries?
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low batteries likely to cause distortion is it? I will try and change them tonight, that would make sense actually as its gradually getting worse.

I'll get back to you should that not help.

When you have active electronics and then out of a sudden get a distorted sound even on clean, dead batteries seem to be the most obvious reason, aren't they?