Those rat bastard pirates have now officially leaked the new Daft Punk album, which would have been released in 4 days and sold for 10-20USD depending on purchased format. They've even gone and released them on their goddam illegal download websites.

Now, far be it from me to recommend supporting pirates or behaving illegal in any way, but if you'd like proof, just check it out. I recommend it if only to fully understand the shame of the illegal downloader (and the album's pretty kickass so far).

EDIT: have been told it's available on spotify and is totally out now. I was unaware of this information and was trying to do my part to notify the ignorant of their new album.
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Don't care
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It was streamed on itunes you derp.
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it's been leaked? awesome, downloading it now. thanks ts.
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I'm going to try acquire it somehow.

Some might say that would be entirely advisable.
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it's been leaked? awesome, downloading it now. thanks ts.

Don't thank me, I'm merely doing my duties in informing people on pirate activity. And the availability of delicious ear candy.

That's weird, ears don't even have taste buds!