Hey guys, here's an unreleased song from my old band Inhale the Fire. The song is not fully mixed and mastered and is missing some overdubs but it still won't disappoint!

I'd really like some feedback on the outro/solo section!

Here it is: http://snd.sc/13u6h5u

C4C as per usual.

First off, reminds me of some iron maiden/old hard rock acts of the 80's 70's. Very nice job recreating that feel. Wow, the vocals even match very early Maiden. I kinda wish the intro went a little differently though but the transition into the main riff is GREAT. I gotta commend the vocals and lyrics, and something I'd drink too definetly but its obvious you were aiming for that haha. I love the chorus riff but I feel like it needs something else to it as it feels a little stale but the 2nd chorus, but the bridge, also maiden-like, is refreshing. As for the quality of the track, its pretty astounding. THis sounds like a song I'd def buy. Brings me back to the days when I first got into hard rock and metal. Its a nostolgic song in that sense. Great use of legato in the solo, and the desending run that is used sounds great, although I wish the ending was a bit stronger, but it sure as hell works. Try and advertise this tracka bit, I'm surprised it doesn't have more plays!
btw your midnight groove track is pretty sick. Definetly lives up to its name!

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Owen said most of what needed to be said. The only thing I can add is that I don't like the transition from the first section into the second, both sections feel like two different songs rather than one whole. I'd try to develop a different outro for the main part, and then build a new song for the second. There's enough 'stuff' there for it. Overall, good effort!

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Pretty good sound quality, except for the snare drum though--it's a little weak sounding.
Man, I feel like listening to Queensryche, White Snake, or Dokken now, ha ha.
Solid riffs and technique.
I like the change at 3:00. Man, what a great guitar tone in the guitar solo!! That's a super super sweet singing tone. Great technique there too!! It sounds like you were recording with the guitar amp at a high volume, in front of the mic? Were you? I listened to your guitar solo about 15 times, what a great tone!!
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Nothing to critique really.
maybe the guitars are too loud and blocks the drums and vocals
As said, sounds like maiden, also reminds me a bit of firewind
Good mixing, very pleasing sound and ambiance, very fun listen to.
The solo was awesome, sound was a bit too dry but still awesome.
I would slowly fade the lead guitar from 4:30, and then slowly fade the left guitar's feedback, to end nicely.
Good job

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