I am getting a epi 7 in a week and would
Like to know what some good upgrades would be.
What model?
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Most likely the pickups will suck. Epiphone has good hardware and electronics most of the time.

Also get a new nut, Epiphone uses plastic, Bone or Graphtech would be a huge upgrade
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Quote by Robbgnarly

Also get a new nut, Epiphone uses plastic, Bone or Graphtech would be a huge upgrade

Pretty much this. Everything should be fine. Regardless of what I've seen some people say, Epiphones are pretty much all around quality instruments. It'll do what you want it too.
just give me a fender and let me rip
Thanks guys the model is just a standard
I believe its older charcoal color. Will be
Using for metal and 6505+ 112 is my amp.
The nut is the only piece of hardware that is really worth replacing. Epiphones have good-quality tuners and bridges. Some people like to swap the stock tuners for locking ones anyway, just to save themselves an extra couple of minutes when changing strings, but it's far from necessary. The stock tuners are as stable as can be.

Whether you'll like the sound or not is a different matter. Everybody has a different opinion on what makes a good tone and Epiphones are made to give a jack-of-all-trades tone. If you want to play metal then you will probably want to get a brighter and tighter sound out of it, which usually means changing the pickups for something with A8 or ceramic magnets and swapping the control pots for 1meg pots, or perhaps even removing the tone controls entirely. It really depends on how you find the tone of the guitar stock and what direction you want to take it in. Don't decide on any pickup/pot changes until you've actually got the guitar and have heard how it sounds already. From there you can work out whether you want something brighter/darker, thicker/thinner, etc.
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Thank you for all the advice I will be
looking to achieve a Fear Factory style
sound with good tight lows as I mainly
play rhythm.