was practicing with the band today

and noticed that when i was tuning with my pitchblack it was making a weird noise when i was picking strings, low noise but still noticeable. that only happened when i was picking, and notes were showing on the pitch black.

the noise went away if i turned the gain on my amp down. i play with the gain on about 6-7 on the lead channel.

which is weird because i though it was meant to mute signal.

its never happened before but this is the first time Ive used my gear in a few months.

the only thing i can thing of is my amp head (tweaker 88) and my diago micro power were plugged into the same extension cable,
might this be the source of the problem ?
Can you give us some more detail on how your rig is set up?

Were the notes actually coming through your amp or just noise?

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I think that happened on my Hardwire tuner as well. I think it's a true bypass issue.
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Quote by Offworld92
I think that happened on my Hardwire tuner as well. I think it's a true bypass issue.

i dunno about a true bypass issue, that's only when the pedal's off. it's got something to do with the mute bleeding signal.
yes, where the pedal is off its completly silent, when the pedal is on the mute signal bleeds.
so you can here the notes but there are very quiet and weird sounding.
rig is just les paul goldtop ( with humbuckers ) ---> pitchblack ----> tweaker 88

the effects loop is off, and as i say i use a diago power supply