Okay so I've been having trouble with some of the super fast arpeggios being played in songs. Currently I'm working on Carlos Cavazo's solo in Cum on Feel the Noize.

I KNOW that the trick to getting anything done is through hard work and practice,
but I just want to know if there are any tips to help me play it faster or make it easier to "shred".
Basically I just want to speed up my left hand fingering, does anybody have any tips?
Don't think about moving ''faster''. Instead, focus on minimal movement and relaxation in your posture to improve efficiency.

Moving your fingers half a centimeter off of the fretboard will allow for greater accuracy and more frequent use than moving them an inch away. Likewise, relaxation ensures freedom of movement while reducing involuntary movements.
You've probably heard this before but it's true: to go fast you have to start off slow. Break down each part of the song and play it as slow as is needed to play it perfectly with no mistakes. Then speed up gradually.

If you don't do this you end up practicing your mistakes which will only reinforce them and make it harder to eliminate them later.