I love the telecaster shape and look but can never seem to find one with a humbucker in the bridge the feeds my need...

I need tips on how to build it since this is gonna be my first ever build and i'm not very big on woodworking.

i was thinking
27 Inch scale,
i was thinking either a charcoal transparent like this

or a blood burst
only problem is I don't know how to go about painting it, i use to think you would just buy the paint and paint it but now i find out about all these coats and stuff i dont understand, how much would it cost to get all the stuff necessary?

I was thinking Dimzario D sonic or D' activators in the bridge and a dimarzio airnorton in the neck,

how would i set up the electronics and any ideas on what type of wood i should use?

on a rate from 1-10 how hard would it be? and since i'm not big on cutting shapes im planning on buying an already cut out telecaster body from ebay... and how much do you think it would cost to build it overall?
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I love the telecaster shape and look but can never seem to find one with a humbucker in the bridge the feeds my need...

They definitely exist, one of my friends has one. I'm not a fan of the tele shape myself but I must admit that my friends one is a metal machine!!

This isn't me trying to put you off doing a build though BTW, I'd love to do one myself. It's just if you're only considering it because you can't find a tele with humbckers then just look a little harder.

For example:

I think that's the one my friend has, plays nice and sounds pretty damn good too. If I liked the tele shape i'd probably want one myself.

Also, if it's really just the pickup option you're after then why not just buy an HH tele and fit the pickups you want? Seems like you're a little unsure on how to tackle a build so this might be the safest option.
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Just do a jari maenpaa and use a stock Tokai Tele
He gets a pretty great metal tone for single coils
Buying an existing guitar and simply swapping the pickups will be a lot easier, and unless you were planning on using really cheap, crap wood, it won't cost more, either. Fender do an extended-scale Telecaster with a bridge humbucker; you can swap that out easily enough.

Or hell, any regular Tele will do. You can get a lot of humbuckers that fit in the bridge of a normal Telecaster single coil space; the Seymour Duncan Hot Rails for Tele, for instance, has more output than an EMG 81.

This really seems like quite a pointlessly tough, convoluted way to get a Tele for metal.
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Shit, you don't even need a humbucker to play metal on a tele. I play metal on a stock '69 and it has the most bitchin' metal sound of all my guitars. A hot Tele bridge pickup and maybe a humbucker in the neck would do it.
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+1 on the Jim Root Tele... They even make a Squire one now for really cheap.
As others have said, they definitely exist:
- Fender FMT
- Fender Jim Root Tele
- Charvel San Dimas (style 2)
- Schecter PT Fastback
- Yamaha Pacifica 120S
- Yamaha Pacifica 812S

I'm not sure many of those are still in production but you can always go used...
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I think that you'll really struggle to find a pre-made Tele body that's intended for a 27" scale, and you'll have an equally hard time finding a neck to suit.

As people have said, you can get humbuckers or stacked pickups for the bridge or look into a Jim Root or John 5 Tele.