Hey everyone! I don’t know how many (if any) of you were aware, but I’ve recently been working on an album. It encompasses a few styles, including alternative rock, pop punk and acoustic, plus a weird synth-based track and a string quartet piece. It’s been a long haul, but I’m thrilled to say it’s now finished. It’s been very much my baby, so to speak – I’ve written everything (besides the cover, which I arranged), done all the arrangements, played all guitars, bass and piano parts, programmed all the drum and midi parts, produced it myself, etc. The only thing I didn’t do was sing (I handed that duty over to the singer in my band).

This was just a fun project for me, really, and I’d like to know what you think about any aspect of it. Granted some of my production is a bit sloppy, but I’ve come on so, so much over the last year I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out, even if it’s not perfect. Be brutally honest if necessary, all I can do is learn! For what it’s worth, my favourite tracks are 2 (Take It Back), 3 (The Killing) and 10 (Flame).

Hope you like it!


Thanks for your time
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Busy listening to it now.

You said pop punk, so I liked it automatically :P Mix sounds great, tones sound good, love the drum sound. The bass sounds a bit too boomy when it's alone, but nothing major. The guitar tones could do with a bit more gain for the lead sounding parts in the first song, perhaps, or maybe some reverb/delay... The girl's vocals sound a bit too low in the mix as well, she has a glorious voice! Something about her voice sounds too soft and not powerful enough.

I'm just nitpicking now, haha. Overall, I am liking it quite a lot, I'll listen to the whole thing gladly!

I do pop punk too, sometimes, check my song out? All Dressed Up

Sweet baby Jesus, the solo just started :|