I bought this old homemade looking flying V guitar and I'm having a hard time identifying the bridge. It has the Fender logo but I've never seen a Fender bridge like it. Perhaps its a fake? I thought I'd see if any of you folks have seen something like this. Not a very good picture as I have yet to remove it and clean it up. one of the posts is missing half a top so I'm SOL if I can't find a similar part. (Invalid img)
That looks like a fender "system one" bridge.

They were on made in japan fenders.

What I find cool is that the stagemasters and showmasters sure look a lot like yamahas and ibanez of the same era.

Might be because they came from the same assembly line.
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System One it is! Must be somewhat rare as I'm having a hard time finding a replacement Pivot post for it. If the guitar were crafted better, it might pass for A prototype of a Fender version of a flying V. It must be pretty rare because I can only find one of them on e-bay ebay
Its a shame this one is so mangled. The fine tuners are not original either.
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