Are there several versions of Set the Controls for the heart of the sun in existence. I have listened to two versions on youtube, one with more in the way of synths. This video was however taken down and i did research but can no longer find this version, or any info on it. I would appreciate if anyone can help, and if this is a stupid question, sorry, I am not very familiar with the overall Pink Floyd discography.
There's the studio version and the Live in Pompeii version. I'm sure there are more, but those are the most readily available.
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Oh, most of the videos on youtube were the pompeii version, I have listened to it before but had only seen one video of the studio version, and thus assumed that the pompeii version was in fact the studio version and the other i had listened to was a demo or something else. I just checked itunes to find the actual studio version and you are right, thank you!

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My favourite song by Pink Floyd is Freebird.

that's really the only song by them i like. johnny page's guitar solo is awesome.
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Wasn't that also on UmmaGumma live disc as well?
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that's really the only song by them i like. johnny page's guitar solo is awesome.

I think you're confused. First of all, you're thinking of Jimi Page. Johnny Page was a football player. Second of all, Jimi Page never played on any of Pink's solo records. They did play together on several of Led Zeppelin's solo albums though (with Pink playing bass guitar and Jimi playing second guitar behind Toni Loomi; Jeff Rowtall also made guest appearances frequently, most notably his flute playing on Led's signature tune, "Smells Like We Ripped Off Spirit").
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The Pompeii version does have some more synth and a bit heavier guitar. Why is this important though?
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There might be a movie version of it too, haven't watched it in a long time.
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