I listened to your high song first since it sounded more interesting to me... and lemme say you did an incredible job with that. The vocals sound great and so does your sweet solo at the end or outro I guess. No complaints on that one, I loved it!

You have a very good singing voice. Simple Man sounds, no joke here, very simple. Did you record and sing at the same time? Like the above so9ng, you did a great job, I could see you getting laid playing this at parties if your the type to bring a guitar to a party lol. I listened to the original right after and your cover is strikingly similar. SO in that aspect you did an amazing job. I followed you on Soundcloud, keep em coming.
Thanks for the feedback man! Yeah I pretty much always play and sing at the same time, I struggle doing vocals separate. I'm not the type to serenade chicks, but maybe I should start. Glad to know I sound anywhere near to Nash.