As the title says, I need the good people of UG to steer me towards pickups to get. Currently, the guitar these are going in has no pickups, so it's not like I'm thinking this is a be all, end all solution. The guitar is a midlevel BC Rich Warbeast. It has a mahogany body, bolt on maple neck, and ebony fingerboard. I plan on tuning it to C# Standard and playing prog and thrash metal (BTBAM, Megadeth, Nevermore, Slayer, Dream Theater, etc.). Amp is a Peavey XXX and I'm just using an ISP Decimator G String in terms of pedals.

I've previously had 18v modded EMG 81/85 and Blackouts in this guitar, and I think I want t try something different than those two for it. I don't mind if they're passive or active. Must be available as F-spaced. No budget per se, but I don't wanna have to go over $250 USD. So far, I've considered the CL/LF combo, EMG JH set, and Lace Deathbuckers.

If there's anything else you guys need to know, I'll answer as soon as I can.
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The EMG's will be playing it safe for most of those tones, but the Crunch Lab/Liquifire combo is great too, and would be better for the DT/prog-ish tones IMHO. I would personally go with the latter of the two in your situation.
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Check out Lace Pickups, we have a lot of extended range pickups and specialized pickups for down tunings and clarity. Drop and Gains or a Finger Burner are good for six strings, adding big mid ranges and bottom end, and we have a varied range of alumi-tones for 6-8 string. The sensors will fit into a EMG spacing and the Deathbucker alumi-tones are quite small and narrow but have a huge sound. Great when searching for light weight. Everything is also passive so our motto is "No F--king batteries." Thanks for reading and good luck

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You don't have to use batteries with EMG's. They make this to phantom power them.

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