Been thinking a lot about getting this, but I'm not sure about the $170 price point for the Character series. I mean the features are pretty great, the speaker simulation on/off thing being one of the main ones that I'm most interested in. That way, I can either go direct or into my amp. There's just a couple things I need clarification on before I go and spend all this money for a single pedal?

1) I saw a Pod HD400 up for sale for around $230 at my local GC and wonder if this would be a better purchase? It's around my budget, so I'm wondering if I should go for this instead. A friend also has a Pod HD500 that she might be willing to sell me, but I'm not sure on that yet.

2) How do these pedals compare to an actual tube amp? Sound? Feel? I've looked up some youtube demos, but I know it's not as accurate.

3) Are these things pedal friendly? I'd love to be able to use my pedalboard with it, but only if it sounds good of course. I'm basically looking for a nice clean, slightly gritty platform (Liverpool I guess), and I'm wondering how well it can deal with my pedals.

4) How are the Joyo clones of these? I mean for such a cheap price, they sure do sound nice (through youtube demos of course)
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