ive google it .. most thread were like 4 years old ...

is there a tracking device a company .. that offer GPS tracking of a guitar or amp .

Ive heard so many stolen guitar , , gear .. i was wondering if GPS tracking existed . kinda of a micro chip that could be track . Or if a company offered that service ( the same service they offer for car .

this kind of security would be worth it for anyone traveling with expensive guitar .

i dont wanna carry my les paul everywhere in the city cause i never know when it gonna get stolen .

is there a company or something that could be put in the cavity of the guitar and track by gps .

its 2013 .. teechnology is getting smaller and smaller . they should make something .

anyone heard ?
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Worried some one is gonna steal your guitars?
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The only way I see this as a viable option for a musical instrument would be that a tamper proof system would have to disable the instrument if you tried to remove it. Making it pointless to steal in the first place. A vehicle factory GPS locator ( like low Jack) disables the vehicle because it can be hardwired into ignition systems etc. A guitar you could just take it off.
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Personally I think that instrument insurance is a better option. It's cheaper and you'll definitely get a replacement if you get mugged.

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i remember reading a while back there was some kind of chip you could put in your guitar. I can't remember who made it, though.
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IIRC Carvin was putting chips in their guitars...

Yup. Here it is. http://www.carvinguitars.com/products/SNG1
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