What is good technique to record backing track and guitar on interface with 2 inputs?

What is good technique to record backing track and guitar on an audio interface that only has 2 inputs?

It has one guitar input and one mic XLR 48 volt phantom power input. It has no line level input so I'm confused how to connect a line level backing track to it.

I attempted to connect the line level signal to the guitar input of the interface, and I heard no sound in my monitor headphones, all it accomplished was my interface got very hot and then I immediately unplugged the line level signal from the interface. I didn't destroy the interface, it still works fine.

I suppose all "live level" signals are not the same, so I'll tell you that this "line level" signal was the emulated headphone output jack of my guitar amp with the PC playing a YouTube video connected to the interface (interface is PC sound card I am using, it sounds so much better than my shitty on board chipset) and the interface uses a Y splitter cable to connect the monitor jack to both the monitor headphones and connect to the line in jack of the guitar amp. I didn't hear the line level signal even though I heard my guitar, so I cranked the volume to 11 on the guitar amp and all gains at maximum on the interface and still no sound and just the interface got very hot.

Maybe it was the Y splitter cable having a loose connection, and this caused the audio interface to have no load and having an amplifer connected to no load and cranked to 11 has disaterous results.

Wait, now that I think about it, maybe I didn't take into account the resistance of the cable connected to the guitar amp emulated speaker jack, so then it needs to be amplified and cannot just be simply connected directly to the monitor headphones with a Y splitter jack.

Well anyway, a solution I was told on Electronicspoint forums was to use an antenuator to directly connect a line level signal to the guitar input of the interface.

but do I even need an atenuator if the cable length (20 feet) has proven to have enough resistance to be its own atenuator?

Wait, now that I think about it, my interface also has a line level RCA red and white line outs. Maybee the line in of the guitar amp should be connected to those instead of the monitor headphone jack so that the length of the cable doesn't attenuate the signal to silence? I have used a 6 inch guitar cable to connect the monitor headphone jack of the interface to the guitar jack of the interface to record SoundCloud audio and it works great, but maybe it doesn't work so great for a 20 foot long cable running to my guitar amp.

I have no clue what I'm doing and I don't want to pay $500 for an interface that does everything I want it to do so I don't have to know what I'm doing.

Edit: I used the line level RCA red and white outputs of the interface instead of the monitor headphone output jack and I achieved the desired results.

The bass response of the YouTube video audio playing through my guitar amp sounds much better than the bass response of my interface. It sounds as good as my car stereo. It also sounds much more "natural" than the software defined EQ WinAmp.

Now that I think of it, my interface doesn't even have an EQ and YouTube doesn't even have an EQ!

Problem solved.

I could delete this post, but I'll leave it hear so that people who have the same problem can read it to find out the solution.

Today I'm going to go to RadioShack and buy another red and white RCA cable and buy another 1/4 inch male TRS to 1/8 inch female TRS headphone jack to allow me to listen to music through my interface and guitar amp at the same time when I want to hear high quality music on headphones instead of my car stereo since my guitar amp has an EQ and the WinAmp software EQ sucks.
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What do you mean by record a backing track?

Normally people record each track separately.
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