Hey everyone, I have recently built a jazzmaster copy from a kit and everything has gone brilliantly and is finished, but i think i have somehow messed up the wiring.
I used this diagram http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h264/d-rock_album/stuff/jmnorhythm.jpg for the wiring.

The background noise i get is similar to buzz you get from an amp when you have no guitar attached to the other end of the cable (although i am currently just using it through an amp simulator). My MIM Strat isn't making this much noise which makes me believe i have done something wrong, the background noise is even louder when i select the middle position of the 3 way switch. I attached a couple of pictures which hopefully show the wiring setup well.

If anybody could help me work out what i've done wrong or maybe its normal with cheap pickups? (i have no idea) it would be really great, thanks for any help!
Can't quite see on here, but did you attach a ground wire to the bridge?

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Make sure all of your connections are solid and there are no exposed wires. Use shrink tubing to make sure nothing is open.

Also make sure nothing is shorting out on the conductive shielding.
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I did have a ground wire going to the bridge but it didn't seem to help at all, i will add that back on to see if it helps now i've added the copper shielding.

The only exposed wire i could think of is where the pickup wires attach to the switch there is quite alot of uncovered wire (talking maybe about an inch of clear wire?) if that is an obvious problem i should probably sort that.
And I thought that may be a problem so put masking tape over the copper shielding to stop components shorting out, hopefully thats an effective way of ruling that out?

Thanks very much for the help!

Edit - Added the ground wire and covered the exposed wire, also ensured nothing is shorting out on the copper tape. Still getting a fair amount of noise
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