I need help with understanding a 12 bar blues turnaround. Is it the last two bars of the 12, is it something specific, or is it basically anything that fits and is bluesy. I sorta know one, just an open e power chord repeated to bridge the gap to the next 12 bar sequence, but it sounds pretty boring.

Any tabs or examples would be helpful as well.

It is the last 2 bars, it's not a specific thing since you can approach it in so many different ways and even then you can change it up depending on whether or not you're ending the song.

Basically the turnaround is emphasising certain harmonic content to either drive the song on or bring it to a good conclusion. If you drive the song on you'd likely want to emphasise the tones in a V7 chord or something similar; the dominant quality is the important part because it really draws the resolution back to the I. Ending the song you'd more likely be hanging on the I chord and resolving it that way.

If you don't know what I mean then you need to learn theory. Without theory nothing about the turnaround will make sense. You could try and learn by ear but you won't really understand what's going on.
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