Poll: What does guitar mean to you?
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It is my life. I love it.
62 56%
I play it once a week or so. I like it but I don't think it has changed my life that much.
23 21%
I pick it up every now and then. Couldn't really care that much about it.
9 8%
I don't play guitar anymore/never have played it.
16 15%
Voters: 110.
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What is guitar in relation to your life? Has it made you the person you are today or was it just a minor phase?

In my case, I'd say guitar has changed my life a lot. It pretty much introduced me to music and composing it etc. it made me value and appreciate music more.
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If I didn't pick up a guitar I would have done one of two things with my life

1) Kill myself

2) Go columbine on my school

Now that being said I have been graduated for 10 years and wouldn't actually go columbine on my school; however there was a point in my life where I was REAL low and angry and hate filled. Music saved my life, literally. It helped me bounce back from a real rock bottom situation. Now music is the center of my life.
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It isn't my life, but I play more than once a week.
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She gets me girls, what else can I say?

But seriously, my best friends are my band mates, I meet the most interesting and different people at the gigs I play and every day I can find something new (related to guitar/music) to challenge me. So basically, it's part of my personality already.

and gets me girls
It definitely changed my life, but I only play it 2-3 times a week these days.
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I don't think it's my life because I honestly don't spend that much time writing music (having no band is extremely discouraging). But the majority of my week I actually do spend with music so...hard to say.
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been playing for 8 years and I'd say its significantly changed my life :P but its not MY LIFE so...1 ha
Where's the choice between options 1 and 2?

It's fairly important and I'd never quit it, but I don't exactly play it daily. But usually more than once a week. Plus, it's impacted my life pretty massively. But it's not my whole life.
For me I'd say it's between 1 and 2. Now if I find a band and actually start doing something with it, it'll be a different story. I play nearly every day though.
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Definitely changed my life, but it's not a drastic improvement or anything. If I didn't learn guitar or piano, all my free time would be dedicated to video games, which is quite a waste of time. At least now I have side skills I can use to feel a sense of accomplishment.
There's a big gap between "It is my life" and "I play once a week".

It has been a significant hobby of mine for a long time, and it has developed my interest in tangentially-related things. However, if I didn't play guitar, I'd find other ways to procrastinate. I play every day but I wouldn't say it's "my life".
Yeah, I'd say I'm somewhere between 1 and 2 as well. I do love it, and I play most days of the week, and I've made some of my best friends through music, but there are other major parts of my life too. I'm far from saying "It's my life!"
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It definitely changed my life, but I only play it 2-3 times a week these days.

Same here. I used to play ALL the time in middle and early high school. I'd say it changed my life. I was kind of the "guitar guy." I'd probably be a complete loser without it. But nowadays I don't play that much. I used to do a lot of concerts and competitions at school, and I used to have friends to jam with, but now those are all gone...
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I spend a good amount playing my guitars. I enjoy playing and have been doing so for 5 years. I would say "

It's my life." but not in the cliche way since literally is my life. I spend almost all day every day playing guitar, looking guitar stuff, or listening to music. If I didn't play guitar, I'd probably just stare at a wall all day or be a huge "gamer" which I never want to be (Nothing against "gamers" since I play the occasional video game, I just want that to occupy my life).
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Playing guitar gave me something to do other than play video games or watch TV, so that's a major plus. It's something worth investing my time into and it's a fun activity to do. It also helped me broaden my music tastes.
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I'm quite a bit closer to option 1 than 2 but I wouldn't say its my life.....

shit poll, where's option 1 and half?

I wouldn't say it's my life, but on the other hand I don't know what I'd do without guitar or music in general. It's weird considering I went most of my life not playing guitar. But yea, I play it daily and continue to strive to get better, don't think I'll stop anytime soon.
I've been playing for seven years, but I haven't improved in like five years. I can't write and I don't have an ounce of musical creativity in my body.

I play covers sometimes and it got me laid once. I'm not proud.
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shit poll, where's option 1 and half?

Yeah idc, I was tired when I was making it.
Guitar was my first instrument, and now I'm in school to make music my life. While guitar has ended up being my third instrument (behind voice and trumpet, but ahead of piano), it is still probably my favorite to play and is a great stress reliever.
It's not my life, but it is my constant.

No matter how shitty times were, I could always go to my guitar and unwind. Kind of like therapy.

I've traveled a lot, moved a lot. In the darkest hour my guitar was like a friend. And I mean that in the least sappiest way ever.
Wheres the "i use it to get pussy" option???
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It's the only thing I'm amazing at.

This too.

No matter how shitty you feel, at least you can say "Well, at least I'm amazing at one thing!"
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Wheres the "i use it to get pussy" option???

Why does it matter? It's not like you do anyway.
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...modes and scales are still useless.

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What are people on UG for if they don't play guitar? That's like going on a motoring forum when you're not interested in cars.

OT: It's one of the only things I'm good at, so yeah, I bloody love it.
Seems like a waste of time to me. I don't register on body-building forums and visit the off-topic sections.
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