Hello good people, haven't posted here for quite a while since my account was somehow deactivated..

I've recorded and produced with Garageband for about 2 years now and pretty much have the impression that i reached the limits of this software.. So i'm looking for something with more possibilities. My electronic music is mostly midi-based but i'd also like to have the option to record real instruments and tweak some parameters when i'm playing a set live.
I know about ableton live, reason, logic, cubase.. but have no idea which one would suit me best

For all of you who use any kind of DAW's and have some experience working with them, which one do you use and why?

thanks alot
I use Digital Performer because it's what I learnt through school so I'm used to it and it works well for what I need. As for you it's hard to say. A lot of people will recommend Reaper, which is "free" but it's also not as powerful as other DAWs (although for the price it's hard to beat). Logic is questionable because it's questionable how much longer Apple is going to develop it. A lot of electronic musicians use Ableton, so maybe that's the way to go. DP is also a good option for a lot of MIDI work because MOTU has been doing MIDI in their DAW longer than just about anybody and their MIDI editing is really powerful.

Also, the recording forum will be much more useful to you.
ok, thanks for your answer
I made another thread in the recording section..
is there i way i can close this thread?
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is there i way i can close this thread?

Edit the first post - there's an option to delete it. If you delete that, the thread will be killed along with it.
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If you are heavily midi based, then ableton is great, especially the drum racks.. If you do a lot of multitracked audio, then reaper. Don't mind that guy who said reaper is not as powerful as other daws, thats bullshit. Its killer for editing multitracked audio, especially its macro/keyboard ctrl programming. Its midi editing is functional but not its strongest. Its free to test, and cheap, so maybe start there?
There is some buzz about presonus studio being pretty nice for those who like a cubase workflow but I haven't tried it yet. In the end there is no Best daw, just one that works wedl for you, so you need to test them.
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I personally like Ableton.
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