Lately I've been having trouble writing anything good. About a month ago I started a band, and I'm really excited about it because we sound much better than I anticipated and we have pretty decent chemistry. However we only have one original at the moment. We wrote it a couple weeks ago and the last couple practices we haven't gotten anything new to play. It's mostly my fault because I'm the only guitarist and I'm writing all the riffs, and I'm having trouble coming up with new stuff that's good. I can tell the other members are getting bored but I want to come up with some new material to get their interest back. We are learning new covers to make things more interesting but we're all more interested in covers so that will only get us so far.

TL;DR: I need to get out of writer's block and start writing good material again. What are some of your song writing techniques and/or tips?
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I think the best advice in this case is just let it flow man, listen to music but not because you want to get ideas from it but just to enjoy... good ideas for songs just come, and If they dont you cant force em
Study songs you love.

Seriously, really dig into them. Learn them, by ear if possible.

Nothing fires up my creativity like really digging into great music.
I've run into this a multitude of times being the only songwriter in my 4 piece band. We would jam once or twice a week. We would do originals and covers. Mostly, i found when we got together to finally play that week, either we would practice stuff we already knew or stand around with our thumbs up our asses. Soon i realized that nothing would ever get done unless someone started bringing something to the table every week. So i would spend whatever free time i had that week, writing one song. The most important aspect of that statement is ONE SONG. When you have a weeks time, its easier to flesh out ideas. Then you can go to practice with multiple ideas for this one song, and flesh them out as a band. The only thing you can really do is take it upon yourself to make it happen, because if you dont bring something to the table, its doubtful anyone else will. Everyone i know is a creative person and/or a musician. And they all love to daydream about thier lofty goals and thier creative drive. But without putting in the work, ie: a song a week, thier creative energy is only an idea, and nothing tangible. We ended up writing an album or so of material in less than 20 jam sessions. tldr, narrow your horizons.

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Do you only write the parts for guitar? Normally I start with the drums, then the bass, and then the treble instruments. It makes it a lot easier to write melodies and chord progressions if you already have the rhythm worked out first.

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Need help getting through writer's block
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