I guess this thread title is nothing new on this forum.

Anyway, so I've been recording a couple of songs at home with a pick and I always hate how little punch the D and G strings have, especially when doing octaves. Playing with fingers, it's kinda ok as you can just dig in and get some fret clank going, but with a pick it doesn't seem to be that easy.

What I'm trying to get at is, are there any tricks I can use post recording? Or maybe some people here are accentuating the higher octaves a lot to an extent where it feels weird to play but sounds good on the record? Any strings that can help with that?

Thanks for any input on this
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^ also try raising your pickup slightly towards those strings. it will make them a bit louder but should give you a little more punch too
I'm one of those in the past who have asked just this question. Tried adjusting PUP height eq etc but no real improvement. New strings used to help a bit but a bit expensive.

The problem went away when I bought a new bass, both my Fender and Gison have much louder brighter D and G strings so rolling off a bit of top end brings them back in with the other strings but with some punch.

I've just fitted new PUPs to the old bass that gave the problem and it cured it straight away, a much more even sound across the strings. I've tried both Wilkinson and Kent Armstrong PUP's and neither show this problem. Get some new PUPs.
You might want to look into a good graphic or parametric EQ pedal. They can make a lot of difference.
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Mann you need some active pickups! And a set of Rotosounds. You can bring any bass strings of all kind of fancy brands (Rickenbacker, fender, gibson) non of them will sound anywhere close to rotos. Get that. And also buy a set of active pickups, or better - new bass. Cuz you won't install emg's or duncans in a vintage fender, that is just wrong, it will blow the magic away.
Thanks for the suggestions, everyone.

I think I'll look into an EQ peda, seeing as I could probably use them well for gigging. Concerning the strings, while I'm currently running old ernie ball nickel plated, I already have a set of 45-105 DR fat beams here that are going to be tried out tomorrow. I think I tried some rotosounds once and didn't like it too much for slapping but then again I have no idea anymore which ones exactly I used.
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Concerning the strings, while I'm currently running old ernie ball nickel plated

Try new stainless steels, they should have much more punch.