Hey guys, I know that these vs / either or threads get kind of tiring, but I have nobody around who I can ask for advice. I was offered a used Fender Ultimate Chorus amp, 2x12, only used at 2 gigs and with one cosmetic blemish for the same price as a new Peavey Vyper 75.

I need one of these because my band is starting to gig this summer. If I get the Peavey I will get the Sanpera 2, if I get the Fender I will keep my individual stompboxes and build from there. Which is the better deal / decision?

Thanks for any help ahead of time
Probably should have added that I play post-hardcore with an ambient sort of lead guitar style

Used Vypyr tube 60.
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Out of those two, unquestionably the Vypyr. However, as noted above, a used Tube 60 would be even better.
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As much as I love those 90's SS twins, I'd say the vyper for your stuff. The UC is more of a "amp clean, pedals for gain type of amp" so if you want a bunch of effects and presets the vyper would be better.
What seems to be the biggest drawback of the Fender? My main concern is being able to match volume with my bands other guitarist who has a Fender Mustang 2x12 150w, so it's really loud. Would a Vypyr get loud enough?
Hey, I've got the Vypyr 75 and I love it, it's miles and miles better than your guitarists Mustang (I ****ing hate those things). The only problem with the vypyr is since I got it at Christmas, it's cut out maybe twice? But all I had to do was turn it off and on again, it's only ever cut out when i've been messing with the tone settings, it's never cut out when using the sanpera pedal (though I have only used Sanpera I) And it's never cut out at a gig. I use my Epiphone SG through it and the other guitarist in my band prefers my Vypyr to his Marshall
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