At 1:04.....Ok I slowed this down and can tell he is playing some sort of triplets , I think16th note triplets to start, but it doesn't seem like each set of triplets is starting on each beat. How do you go about doing this, is is just by feel?

Also, After the triplets are up he then plays more fancy fast stuff, but to me it sounds like it was perfectly placed or counted and not just randomly fingered mindlessly. How do you do this? I could probably try to do it by feel and make it sound good, but I think it would be a big help if I knew how to count and syncopate certain parts very well.

I know the basic counts , sixteenths, triplets, 5's, 7's etc. starting on each down beat. Do I just mix them all up or something??? It seems to work somewhat but I feel I am missing something.

What tips can you give me on how to construct these kinds of runs?
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