I'm looking for some guidance, as to, which axe should be my next purchase. I'm looking at either a, maple top Tele, or a Dean Vendetta. I'm currently the proud owner of a Conrad LP, it sounds great, but my equipment is lacking the ability for me to play across genre's. I like them both, and both provide equal levels of sound, for two different genre's. The Tele gives me a good sound for punk, rock, and some alternative's. While the Vendetta, provides one hellofa sound for metal, hard rock, and alternative rock. But my Conrad gives me good distortion, I'm lacking the clean capabilities. While the Tele IS good for clean sounds, I can't help but have an equal yearning for the mean crunch of the Vendetta. Any help? Thanks a million.
I'm running a tele with Seymour Duncans Quarter Pounders in it (through a modded JCM900) and getting damn near perfect Rose Tattoo sounds out of it. I'm mostly playing slide on it but not exclusively.
This is what I am talking about:

I'm not that impressed with the Quarter Pound neck pup though, a Hot Rails for tele would probably have been better. In that vid Wellsy is using a P90 but the Quarter Pounder gets surprisingly close. Ball tearing single coil. It comes in a tapped version too so you don't always have to run it hot, tapped you'll still get your cleans.
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Go get the Telecaster for versatility. You'll also love the very clean sound of Fender Guitars, but if you want that crunch that the Dean have, another choice is to get a pedal, because you should know that Telecaster is versatile, but you won't rely to it for heavy metal stuff and Dean can do that job. If I were you, I'll get a Telecaster and then save more money for a pedal (for metal, hard rock, classic rock, etc.). You can try these pedals: Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion, Boss ML-2 Metal Core, Boss MT-2 Metal Zone, etc, etc.
More information is needed. I get your justification about why you would want the tele over the vendetta and vice versa. However, the largest component in this is your amp. The tele can pull off some wide range of sounds, but if you don't have the amp to back it up then you are relying on a pedal to do the trick. I am not a fan of relying on a pedal.

Cath's was a good example, but remember he is also playing through a modded JCM 900 and the pickups in the tele were not stock. So there are many things shaping his sound. Chances are if you go and buy and tele or vendetta and play it through a lower level amp you'll never get his sound.

OT: I would go for the tele, I'm not a fan of any of the Vendetta guitars. I like the sound and feel of teles, personally.

What is your budget?
New or Used?
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