one of the saddle inserts for my Floyd Rose tremolo broke, and I'm in need of a new one. I don't want to buy the wrong one. Does anyone know the correct replacement part for the model of guitar above (Ibanez RG320 FM, orange). Thanks!
Helps if you can tell us the trem model instead.
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Well, according to the Ibanez Wiki, the model years correspond with the trems below:

2003-2004: Edge Pro II
2005-2007: Edge III

I honestly think it's an Edge II, but I don't know for sure. I got it second-hand, so I don't have any of the paperwork to know what year the guitar was made. Is this a crucial difference in regards to the saddle inserts?
Yeah, there is a difference, saddles are not the same on those two. Just google those bridges and take a look at pictures, you should be able to see which one is yours.
Oh! Good info. According to the serial, it's a 2003, then. Thanks, man.

Now the easy part. I need to identify from this list what part I'm in need of. Can anyone help with that? Here's the link: http://www.ibanez.com/parts/2002_PARTS/el_guitar/breakdown/BD-2ED1R31.HTM#2LE2-9

Also, take a look at this pic: http://tinypic.com/r/2kq45z/5

Take a look at the second piece from the right (Where the B string is supposed to go). The little mechanism inside of there is busted and will not hold the string in. Which part would I need from the site? Thanks everyone for your help!
The block insert. The saddle will tighten, but not enough to clamp the string into place, so I'm 99% sure the problem lies with the string block. Should I look into finding the part: 2ED2-3?

I'm thinking these would work. If not, please let me know!

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Those wouldn't work, they're too small. Get block insert that's made for edge pro II.

Go to a website called www.ibanezrules.com. On the top of the page you'll see menu. Click on PARTS. Another page will be opened and then you'll choose TREM PARTS. Then the list of the ibanez tremolo parts will appear. Scrool the page down until you see where STRING LOCK BLOCKS is written. Next to it you'll see written EDGE PRO/EP2. You will click on the code next to it and you'll see a picture of the string block you need. Then you just have to order it.